27 July 2009

Oakland A's Series

Starting today our loyal game-thread hosts are making their 540-mile trek into the US, through New York state, through Massachusetts and into Boston. They attend JoS1 on Tuesday night, another game Wednesday night, then drive back during the day game on Thursday.

That means the Alternate site is open for gamethreading! (Yes, you're excited.)

Tuesday night will not be included since I will be at Fenway for the JoSapalooza, unless someone else would like to host the thread here. E-mail me if you're interested (ishwrong@gmail.com).

A's Series schedule:

Monday 7.27, 7 PM (Cahill/Beckett)
Tuesday, 7.28, 7 PM (Mazzaro/Buchholz) *JoS1
Wednesday, 7.29, 7 PM (Anderson/Penny)
Thursday, 7.30, 1:30 PM (Gonzalez/Lester)

I wonder if anyone's making a sign for Tuesday. Maybe get on NESN, etc. Hey, don't look at me. But it'd be sweet if it said something centered around Joy Nation.

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