31 July 2010

No More Grand Slams in Vain

The Rays beat the Yanks 3-2 while we suffered another "tough loss". Is this the point at which we start rooting for the Yankees to falter? For their new acquisitions to weigh them down? For the Rays to roar past them so we can just perhaps steal the wild card?

Speaking of new acquisitions, apparently you can add Kerry Wood to the list of those who have gone to the Yankees along with Berkman and Kearns. We're sending down Hermida and bringing up Richardson and OF Kalish, so the lineup given below is going to shift. Abraham thinks it's possible these moves indicate some kind of trade happening for the Sox, but it may just be that "these are our deadline acquisitions -- from the minors and eventually from the DL!"

If nothing happens today for the Sox, deals can still be done in August. No reason to panic. No reason to panic if we don't make the postseason either. But I'd much rather play into October -- wouldn't you?

Stranger things have happened.

RED SOX (58-45)
Scutaro SS
Drew RF
Youkilis 1B
Ortiz DH
Martinez C
Beltre 3B
Hall 2B
Hermida LF
McDonald CF

Pitching: RHP Daisuke Matsuzaka (7-3, 4.09)

TIGERS (52-50)
Jackson CF
Rhymes 2B
Boesch RF
Cabrera 1B
Peralta 3B
Kelly LF
Frazier DH
Laird C
Santiago SS

Pitching: RHP Max Scherzer (7-8, 4.45)


Zenslinger said...

Johnny Damon absent from the lineup again.

redsock said...

RamRam traded to SFG.

Win this fucker.

redsock said...

Is this the point at which we start rooting for the Yankees to falter?

Was there ever a time when we did not do this?

tim said...

Fuck a doodle doo

Zenslinger said...

Yargh hrrrm bah.

Saltalamacchia to the Sox. Seems like we didn't give much up for him.

Zenslinger said...

SF gets our old LOOGY friend Javier Lopez from the Pirates. His WHIP (1.47) doesn't match his ERA (2.79), but what's new? They needed a LHP in the bullpen. Last night as I watched them nearly give away a 6-2 lead, they brought starter Jonathan Sanchez in to pitch in the ninth.

SoSock said...

Wood and Berkman - interesting. Seems the Yankees are loading up.

Still, I'm not that worried about us sitting pat. I really think we can make a serious run at the playoffs and even the division with what we have if we can just get healthy. I'm hoping that the lack of moves means the training staff is saying that's gonna happen soon.

Any reason given for Damon being out again?

tim said...

BIG PAPI DIRTY WALKOFF WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SoSock said...

mmmmmmm, thread bare

Zenslinger said...

I apologize for the comments not going through. I set it for comments to be posted, and mysteriously they weren't posted. Thanks to those that let me know they weren't coming through. I'll be sure all is all right tomorrow. Please e-mail me if there's a problem.