07 October 2010

ALDS2: Yankees @ Twins, 6 PM

Andy "Tucan" Pettitte / Carl "Mustache Ride" Pavano

The Twins are looking to TIE THIS ONE UP. Like seriously, do it. These two pitchers are wildcards and question marks in this series. Is Tucan healthy? Can Pavano out-smart the Yankee lineup? Needless to say, this is a big one for the Twinkies.


Ish said...


1. Jeter, SS
2. Granderson, CF
3. Teixiera, 1B
4. Rodriguez, 3B
5. Cano, 2B
6. Swisher, RF
7. Posada, C
8. Berkman, DH
9. Gardner, LF

Ish said...


1. Span, CF
2. Hudson, 2B
3. Mauer, C
4. Young, LF
5. Thome, DH
6. Cuddyer, 1B
7. Kubel, RF
8. Valencia, 3B
9. Hardy, SS

Ish said...

Pavano is DEALING. Pettitte... not so much!

Mrs.GotRibe said...

HR then Triple. Woo Hoo.

tim said...

Fuck beans. Stupid twins. I'd say they're fucked now, but the back of the yanks rotation is much worse. Hughes is alright though I guess, and not sure who the twins are gonna throw in game 3 and if they're any good or not. Oh well, at least the stupid rays are playing like shit.

I'm stunned at how that team won so many games, their starting rotation is lacking and after the #4 hitter, all the rest of the lineup is batting like shit. I guess timely hitting and pitching or something.

tim said...

Maybe we should thread some hockey instead :>)

I'll be focused on the flames game tonight, peeking in to SF during breaks.

Ish said...

I think tomorrow we should put up one post for the whole day, too. Fucking Twins. What an ending to the Leafs/Habs game! Nice to see Toronto hang on, although that game was a lot like the Pens/Flyers game: Wish both teams could lose.

Ish said...

Derek Lowe looks a little too amped up tonight to start.

tim said...

pocket full of poseys!

great games so far, love the energy of opening night.

one post for all games is probably better.