16 October 2010

Saturday October 16 - Championship Serieses

4pm - MFY/TEX

Last night, Texas made a bid at outdueling Boston's bullpen for shittiest in the AL. This afternoon, it's Phil Hughes vs. Colby Lewis in Arlington.

7:30pm - SF/PHI

The first game will likely still be going on when this one gets underway, but MLB is stupid that way. This one's on FOX and I'll be drunk at the biggest Oktoberfest outside of Germany, but I'm sure I'll come home to a high scoring affair, as Tim Lincecum takes on Roy Halladay in this wickedly sweet pitching battle. Two great pitchers that aren't complete fist-pumping knob donglers like Joba.

(Just had to throw in a JtC dig there)


Unrelated but possible threading material, the Bruins are back in North America and taking on the cap-sensitive Devils in New Jersey at 7pm. Tim Thomas getting the start for the Bs.

And a whole bunch of other NHL games.


Ish said...

Anyone notice that for the Red Sox the deer is dead and the Rangers have a deer head in their clubhouse? ...Just me?

redsock said...

Nice game. Had the day off and we were home in time to see all of this one. Go SF!