10 October 2010

MLB Playoffs - Day 5

We won't have to see the Yankees play for a few days.

Tampa Bay survived against Texas yesterday. Both will go with a fourth starter instead of pitching aces on short rest; that's Tommy Hunter (TEX) in Tampa versus Wade Davis at 1:07 EST.

In the infinitely more interesting National League, San Francisco will venture into the park of the best home team in the MLB this year. The Braves went 56-25 there, and have reserved ace Tim Hudson (2.83 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, .229 BA, 228.2 IP in 2010) for Game 3. The Giants counter with young loudmouth Jonanthan Sanchez (3.07 ERA, 1.23 WHIP, .204 BA, 193.1 IP), who started the division-clinching game last Sunday under the pressure of having predicted his team would do so. 4:37 EST.

Philadelphia will try to finish off the Reds (Hamels vs. Cueto) at 8:07 EST.

There is also football.


Zenslinger said...

I reckon the 49ers are on Sunday night football (8pm EST) to avoid the Giants playoff game. Or vice versa.

Ish said...

The Bruins already won in Prague today! \O/

Rays leading 1-0 mid 3rd now in Texas. Big strikeout from Hunter right there!

These have been GRINDERS. It's not just Yankees/Red Sox that can be very compelling games.

redsock said...

Rays a-rockin'!

TBR: 010 220 0
TEX: 000 001 0

Zenslinger said...

Yankee fans in the Bar cursing the Rays victory

redsock said...

Game 5 at the Trop on Tuesday.

Zenslinger said...

This is not the sanchez the Braves wanted to see.

redsock said...

Whoa - Hinske/Seabass combo!

Zenslinger said...

Spent the whole first part of the game discussing with my ATL fan friend about how they should have replaced Wagner on the roster with a young 2Ber. Then Brooks makes error no 3 to lose the game.